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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

For some people, the holiday season is notorious for overeating and consuming the wrong kinds of foods. This is when people put on a few extra pounds they never seem to shed.

These extra few pounds build up year after year. After a few holidays, suddenly your clothes don't fit, and the pounds don't come off.

This weight gain is not just unattractive-it's harmful. Over time, excess weight becomes its own organ, spewing out inflammatory compounds that inflict systemic damage. The list is long of diseases that can result from just a few extra pounds.

While dieting is difficult and good intentions often fail, recent research has found that less restrictive dietary programs, such as Intermittent Calorie Restriction, may be as effective as calorie counting, providing the same degree of weight loss along with other health benefits, but in a program that is easier to stick to.

At Roberds Pharmacy, we carry many options to help you achieve this goal. Check out this hot new product, Prolon.

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