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Servings per Container:100

Quantity per Container:100 Lozenges


Nutrition Facts

Support Healthy Energy Levels

Feeling exhausted? Join the club. But there may be something you can do to support your energy levels.
Adding a vitamin B-12 supplement like Activated B-12 Guard from Perque could help. This vitamin supports your body's process of turning the protein, fat and carbohydrates you eat into energy. The problem is - vitamin B-12 is lacking in many diets. In fact, studies indicate as many as two-thirds of American adults may not be getting enough vitamin B-12.
Vegans and vegetarians in particular could be more susceptible as their diets may exclude meat and dairy - the most common sources of vitamin B-12.
But the widespread consumption of processed foods is contributing to this problem among all of us. Research shows we're getting 78% less B-12 in our diets now than in the 1960s.

Product Details:

Vitamin B-12 in activated hydroxocobalamin form

May support healthy energy levels

Promotes a healthy nervous system

Helps maintain a healthy digestive system

Ideal for vegans and vegetarians

Dissolvable lozenges

This is a professional-grade supplement that provides you with the hydroxocobalamin form of vitamin B-12. This form, while more expensive to produce, has been shown to be longer-lasting, more easily converted by the body and able to raise B-12 concentrations in the blood higher than other forms.

They come as lozenges you dissolve under your tongue instead of capsules. This promotes maximum uptake and optimal delivery to the brain. It's almost as powerful as getting a vitamin B-12 injection.
Try Active B-12 Guard from Perque and make sure you get all the health benefits and energy-producing nutrients you need.

Perque Activated B-12 Guard 2000 mcg

SKU: 9176002800
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