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Methyl Folate Plus™ is an optimal methylation formula with activating co-factor created by Kendal Stewart, MD to support the methylation pathway and provide adequate Folinic Acid (leucovorin) for those suffering from moderate to severe neuro-immune syndromes. Methyl Folate Plus™ is designed to be used in conjunction with the Neuro-Immune Stabilizer Topical Cream which provides the activating co-factors to deliver the additional tetrahydrofolate to support neurological and immune recovery. Most often poor methylators will need additional folinic acid. Niacinamide helps support the mitochondria and provides support as a cofactor for the other ingredients.


The typical indications for this product include but are not limited to:

  • Presence of Folate Receptor Autoantibodies
  • Homozygous (2 copies) MTHFR polymorphism
  • Increased requirement for development (age 8-20)
  • Acute recovery from major neurological injuries
  • Moderate to severe autism spectrum issues
  • Recovery from traumatic injury or surgery (i.e. Head injury, stroke, neuritis, etc...)


Features: Folinic acid (also known as Leucovorin) is a 5-formyl derivative of tetrahydrofolic acid. It is readily converted to other reduced folic acid derivatives (e.g., tetrahydrofolate), and thus, has vitamin activity that is equivalent to that of folic acid.


5-MTHF (L-Methyl tetrahydrofolate) is involved in neurotransmitter synthesis and critical enzymatic reactions throughout the body. Folate benefits cardiovascular health and nervous system function. Ordinary folic acid supplements may not deliver the full spectrum of effects. This is due to the fact that once ingested, not everyone converts the usual folic acid supplements to their biologically active form called 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF). Methyl Folate Plus™ provides 5-MTHF in its active form.


Recent studies have shown that a significant portion of the population have genetic enzyme deficiencies which prevent the conversion by methylation of folate to 5-MTHF. 5-MTHF has been shown to be up to seven times more bioavailable than regular folic acid. This greater bioavailability is especially important in people who have a genetic enzyme deficiency since it requires no conversion to become metabolically active.


5-MTHF is able to cross the blood-brain barrier to enhance brain synthesis of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter associated with memory, which is especially important for people with cognitive difficulties and neuro-immune syndromes.


Niacinamide does not cause flushing at any dose. However, it is readily converted to an enzyme called NADH that is needed for metabolism and energy production to support mitochondrial health. Unlike other vitamins, the body is able to make its own niacinamide using tryptophan as the raw material.


Tryptophan is an amino acid the body also uses to make serotonin, a critical neurotransmitter for moods, sometimes referred to as the “happy brain chemical.” Since tryptophan is often in short supply in the body, taking niacinamide can help spare it and make more available for serotonin production. As a result, niacinamide has complex and supportive interactions with body and brain function as well as a wide range of benefits.


Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin-5-Phosphate) Riboflavin is critical for normal growth and repair. It is needed to facilitate normal reproduction, cell growth and repair, and development of tissues. The body utilizes vitamin B2 to keep tissue health and to help accelerate healing of injuries. Riboflavin acts to help the immune system to function properly by reinforcing the body's reserve of antibodies which guard against infection.


Along with other B Vitamins, Vitamin B2 helps protect the nervous system. It could be an essential component of treating various nervous system disorders, including nervousness, numbness and tingling, memory loss and MS. 

Neuro Biologix Methyl Folate Plus

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