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Methyl Folate Pro

Targeted Bioactive Vitamin B9

Formerly: Methyl Folate Plus

Our exclusive Methyl Folate Pro formula provides the two metabolically bioactive forms of folate. L-5- Methylfolate and Folinic Acid together with niacinamide deliver significant support to all areas of the folate methylation process. Bioactive folate is necessary for all cells to function normally but is especially important in the nervous system and immune system. Methylfolate is an important co-factor in the production of dopamine and serotonin while also being important in mitochondrial and detoxification support.

Elevated folic acid levels in the blood plasma can indicate poor methylation. This formula is also necessary for polymorphisms in the FOLR1/2, DHFR, MTHFD1, MTHFS and MTHFR genes.

Use this product in conjunction with either Methylation Complete Pro or Methylation Pro Topical to provide benefits such as cellular energy and detoxification, mood stabilization, immune function, and optimal cognitive function.


Neuro Biologix Methyl Folate Plus (Pro) #66

SKU: 5499800608
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