Boost Your Health Naturally with Multigenics


Even the healthiest of diets can leave nutritional gaps that can leave negative effects on your overall health. A quality multivitamin used every day can help fill in these gaps and keep you on the road to optimal overall health and wellness.

Multigenics from Metagenics is a multivitamin and mineral supplement that is ideal for seniors, adolescents, and adults. It provides a comprehensive foundation for enhanced overall health.


Key Ingredients:

  • Highly potent and balance B vitamins, with extra B12 to support healthy homocysteine metabolism
  • Quercetin and Caro-xan for optimal antioxidant protection against free-radical damage
  • A one-to-one ratio of vitamin E in gamma and alpha tocopherols to support optimal overall health
  • Amino acid chelates to help enhance the absorption of minerals
  • A two-to-one ratio of calcium to magnesium to support optimal bone health


Multigenics provides nutrients that provide support for optimal liver and adrenal gland function and health. It's made without any of the most common food allergens, and contains no artificial additives.

Make the right choice to always support your health. Multigenics from Metagenics provides all the nutrients your body needs to stay happy and healthy. Give it a try today!

Metagenics Multigenics Tablet

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