Why use herbs to support circulation to your feet and ankles?
They provide a natural alternative:

Some herbs are simply known to help support healthy veins and enhanced circulation to your feet and ankles:

Butcher's broom helps increase the integrity of the tissue that supports the vein‚ which also helps improve the vein's function.
Horse chestnut helps keep walls of the blood vessels strong.
Gotu kola has been shown in clinical studies to strengthen the tissue that supports veins.


Why use VariCare®?
It helps reduce the tired‚ heavy feeling of being on your feet all day by combining herbal extracts that traditionally help strengthen blood vessels and tone the veins in your legs‚ with a patented Phytosome process‚ VariCare® provides targeted support you can rely on.

Enzymatic Therapy VariCare

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  • Recommendations:

    Two tablets twice daily 

    If pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use. 

    Allergen Information: 
    All colors used are from natural sources. 

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